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A Homeowner's Survival Guide to Halloween

halloween witch house 400wAs a homeowner, you could be at risk for several liability issues as your community celebrates Halloween.  On this spooky night, mischief can prevail and vandalism can result.  Likewise,  as trick-or-treaters and other guests visit your property, there is greater than usual danger of accidents such as slipping and falling that could cause injury to those that do not live in your home.  Moreover, restraining your pets will be a challenge as the doorbell rings repeatedly and strange voices carry through the house – not to mention all the scary and unfamiliar costumed visitors. 

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Even so, it’s difficult not to be drawn into the fun.  So if you do intend to participate, the following tips might help you to enjoy a Halloween evening that is more a treat than a trick.

Avoid being the victim of pranks or more serious vandalism.

Park your car in the garage or at least lock it to prevent mischief, and turn on your outside lights so that anyone who might have vandalism in mind would not have the cover of darkness.

Clear all paths to prevent accidents.

Take a quick walk around your property before evening to be sure that there are no obstacles in the walking paths around your home. Remove and store children’s toys, tools and other objects that could cause a visitor to trip and fall. Check the hand railings on all outside stairs, and be sure that walkways are as well-lit as possible. 

Secure your pets away from the action.

Find a safe, comfortable place for your pets to wait out the evening – perhaps a bedroom that will be safely outside of the part of your home where visitors will be. If that’s not possible, then consider crating your pet for the evening.  This assures that they will not attack a visitor because they are frightened and confused and avoids the risk to your pets if they were to bolt out the door when it is opened.

Homeowners Insurance Tip

Even with the most diligent of preparations, accidents or damages can still occur.  Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Homeowners Insurance policy will protect you from any liabilities such as those above.   A quick conversation with your insurance agent can offer you that assurance.

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